Texas Predominant Use Study

Texas Predominant Use Study: Texas Predominant Use Study Completions and Electricity Costs Savings

Predominant Use Study Clientele:

Complex manufacturers and processors, homeowner associations, residential apartments, exempt organizations, extractors/transporters of minerals extracted from the earth, and others. Predominant use study certification requests while under audit or tax free purchases.

Texas Predominant Use Study Statutory Citations :

Texas Predominant Use Study performs certifications compliant with mandated Rule 3.295 (Natural Gas and Electricity: amended to be effective March 7, 2017, 42 TexReg 1034) and Rule 3.300 (Manufacturing; Custom Manufacturing; Fabricating; Processing (Tax Code, §§151.005, 151.007, 151.318, and 151.3181) statutory covenants and provisions.

Our Services:

Texas Predominant Use Study Completions throughout Texas and Electricity Aggregation.

Our Experience:

Former Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts auditor/consultant: Over 30 years of experience with the Texas sales and use statute, including twenty plus years representing taxpayers before the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts as an audit resolution specialist. Experienced former State Comptroller Predominant use study auditor.

We are both knowledgeable and experienced as to allowable exemptions, experts relative to related Texas statutes and rules, maintain an awareness of the much important “internal administrative policies” that evolve via taxpayer appeal submissions and administrative hearings at the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and amendments to the original statutory provisions.

Engineering team: All certified engineers. An engineering team that has completed use studies at international companies maintaining manufacturing facilities in Texas. This including “white rooms” charged with quality control within the manufacturing process. Having completed assignments at times entailing over a million square feet that, upon request (due to client’s workforce hours), were completed within 72 hours (day and night) of continuous field work.

Our teams possesses the knowledge, experience, training, and tenacity to successfully complete our engagements. The training and knowledge that successful engagements mandate. This including the experience and awareness relative to the importance of a harmonious working relationship with personnel at our client’s site. Knowledge of the necessity to clearly communicate and facilitate our client’s personnel’s efforts by assisting in site situations which may entail incomplete site records, short staffing, and inexperience relative to the mandates imposed by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Attributes procured over decades of engagements and completions. With our client’s permission, we will contact their energy provider, procure from them any mandated justification documentation not maintained on site which is integral to our predominant use study certification’s completion. We follow through!

Our assessment team is bonded for one million dollars relative to errors and omissions. Our engineering team as well.

Building a new facility? Have you completed a major facility expansion?

We are allowed by the State of Texas to evolve our examination report as your plant goes up to avoid lag periods relative to exemption’s commencement. We will complete the report upon commencement of initial operations and electricity turn on, at no additional cost.

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