Texas Predominant Use Study

Texas Predominant Use Study Completions and Electricity Costs Savings For Manufacturers, Homeowner Associations, Residential Apartments, Exempt Organizations, Oil and Gas Operators, Processors, and others in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and all of Texas and Pennsylvania.

Our predominant use study completion credentials are second to none! We are bonded for 1 million dollars on our work.

A former Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts sales senior tax auditor (30 years experience) will “call” the qualifying beginning and end of the manufacturing process; as designated in the Sate of Texas (also, Pennsylvania and other deregulated states) rules and regulations.

Our top of the line Professional Engineer (also a Certified Aggregator) will quantify your exemption for presentation to the State of Texas, Pennsylvania, or other deregulated state. Have you considered the money you may save by aggregating your electricity purchases?

Time Is Of The Essence-Let us procure your Texas Manufacturing Electricity Dollars Savings-offer you what we anticipate will be the lowest and winning l electricity power proposal. The one that will really affect your bottom line relative to the net income for the reporting period

Electricity Costs Savings: Our kilowatt rate savings is for almost any commercial establishment with material rates of electricity consumption. Including, but not limited to: Homeowners Associations, Car Dealerships, Metal Fabrications, Manufacturers, Exempt Organizations, Oil and Gas Operations (almost any commercial companies within Texas’ and Pennsylvania’s Electricity Provider Deregulated areas) and others_we can save you SIGNIFICANT DOLLARS SAVINGS ON YOUR PURCHASE OF ELECTRICITY.

Let us bid on your electricity purchases. If we are successful (which we expect we will be), we will either refund the total cost we charged you for the predominant use study we prepared for you or adjust our charge to our out of pocket expenses (travel/lodging, etc. ), only.

Building a new facility? We can build our examination survey as your plant goes up to prevent or reduce lag times relative to qualification requirements for exemption of electricity expenditures in your plant operations.

We offer customized fee packages. Fee packages are available in hourly, contingency and hybrid packages. We will be very hard to beat.

Our predominant use study of electricity is expedited based on statutory constraints.  

Confidentiality: All information is handled with utmost concern relative to security and confidentiality.

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